Emerging from The Covid-19 Crisis

... bettering lives and livelihoods

As the world economy starts to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, the time will soon come for our political and business leaders to look beyond safeguarding lives and livelihoods and to set their sights on a more profound challenge: “Bettering Them”. As we see it, the way things are going, this societal challenge might be ten times as big as the Covid Pandemic and last ten times as long.

Like it or not, the way things are going, while supporting one another, people do not always pull in the same direction; we see powerful reinforcing as well as counteracting loops among them. And so, while many might broadly agree on the aspirations and goals to be achieved in the future, there is a very tough question that is always still lurking in the background: “How do we go about building a future that will deliver growth, sustainability and inclusion?”

Yes indeed, we are not there yet; there are still many fights to be fought and many walls to be put down. It is not only time to reinvent the world, it is also time to reinvent ourselves.

J. Michael Dennis, ll.l., ll.m.,

King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation

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